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Space Physics Problems Lab
[ research ]
The Laboratory of Space Physics Problems has existed under this name since 2015. It is part of the Tamm Department of Theoretical Physics, Lebedev Physical Institute. Previously, for many decades, work on the topics studied in the laboratory was carried out in two divisions of the Theoretical Physics Department: the laboratory headed by Nobel laureate Academician V.L. Ginzburg (until 2010) and the Laboratory for the Interaction of Radio Waves with Plasma, headed by Academician A.V. Gurevich.

The Laboratory of Space Physics Problems currently conducts theoretical research in the following fields:

  • Pulsars: structure and evolution of the magnetosphere, radiation mechanisms
  • Statistical hydrodynamics, turbulence
  • Статитистическая гидродинамика, проблема турбулентности
  • Propagation of radio waves through plasma
  • Production and propagation of cosmic radiation
  • Role of high-energy particles in atmospheric discharges
  • Formation of astrophysical jets and their structure
  • Stellar dynamics, evolution of supermassive black holes, structure of galaxies
  • Large-scale structure of dark matter
  • Electrodynamics of neutron stars and pulsars
  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics and Bose--Einstein condensation of light
  • Microhydrodynamics and antibubbles


1997-2023, Tamm Theory Deparment