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April 16, 2024

On April 16, the TD Scientific Council approved K.P. Zybin (Laboratory of Space Physics Problems) and E.A. Kuznetsov (Laboratory of Mathematical Physics) as laboratories directors

April 11, 2024

On April 10, 2024, the LPI Scientific and Technical Council summarized the results of the competition for new scientific groups. In total, 34 groups were supported, of which 6 operate in the Theory Department:

  • Conformal field theories, higher spin theories and AdS/CFT correspondence (K.B. Alkalaev, 9 participants)
  • Mathematical methods for modelling the processes of functioning of multi-agent socio-economic and virtual systems (E.E. Vasilyeva, 8 participants)
  • Research of nonlinear wave structures in chemical physical and biophysical systems (V.V. Gubernov, 10 participants)
  • Exact solutions to the higher spin theory: symmetry breaking and black holes (V.E. Didenko, 5 participants)
  • The theory of turbulent transfer of frozen fields and its applications (A.S. Ilyin, 7 participants)
  • Methods of quantum gravity and their applications in physics of the quantum origin of the early inflationary Universe (A.V. Kurov, 6 participants)

March 22, 2024

Boris L. Voronov is 85 years old today!

Congratulatory address


The Scientific Council will meet on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 15:00


  1. Discussion of the PhD thesis proposal by E.O. Yakupov, "Investigation of the mechanism of spatio-temporal pattern formation arising at a traveling reaction front" (advisor: A.A. Polezhaev, reviewer: S.S. Minaev)
  2. Miscellaneous


Tamm Theory Department Colloquium [ ... ]
Thursday at 15:00

May 14, 2024
A. Volkov

Frontiers, challenges, and solutions in modeling of swift heavy ion effects in materials

Astrophysical Seminar [ ... ]

April 10, 2024
D. Chernyshov
, V. Dogiel, A. Ivlev, A. Kiselev
Self-consistent description of cosmic ray penetration into molecular clouds

Quantum Field Theory Seminar [ ... ]
Friday at 15:00

May 17, 2024
A.E. Shabad

Axiomatic quantum electrodynamics: from causality to convexity of effective action

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar [ ... ]

March 26, 2024
M. Kalenkov

Nonequilibrium dynamics of Andreev states in Josephson junctions

Mathematical Modeling Seminar [ ... ]

January 23, 2024
A. Il'yn

Т-exponential for random matrix processes

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