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Tamm Theory Department
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Tamm Theory Department currently consists of nine laboratories:

  • Space Physics Problems (head: K.P.Zybin, corresponding member, Russian Academy of Sciences),
  • Theory of Fundamental Interactions (head: A.M. Semikhatov),
  • High Energy Physics (head: I.M. Dremin),
  • Quantum Field Theory (head: M.A. Vasiliev),
  • Condensed Matter Theory (head: P.I. Arseev, corresponding member, Russian Academy of Sciences),
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Theoretical Biophysics (head: A.A. Polezhaev),
  • Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems (head: A.V. Leonidov),
  • Mathematical Physics (head: E.A. Kuznetsov, full member, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Active Colloidal Systems (head: V.V. Gubernov)
This section of the site contains information about the composition of each laboratory, their research fields, and accomplishments





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